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20.08.2018 3:23:57 Vohn:

It's Jedi Mind Chick. Sadly she stopped uploading a while ago, but all movies I could find of her are here:


17.08.2018 12:12:55 Faushicage:

Members of the master race sure like to talk themselves out of their master race jobs! lol


14.08.2018 12:30:28 Makazahn:

Big dick, pretty meaty vagina lips, nice!


16.08.2018 21:36:33 Tojasida:

What you’re saying may be true but it’s slowly changing. For millions of years the more aggressive male provided best. But now, since industrialization, it’s not necessarily the case. It’s true that alphas get more promotions in a work environment but there are other characteristics that might matter more. Such as good looks, their wit, and level of intelligence. This should mean that over time men will become better looking, more clever, and smarter. But socialism will hold this process back because it unnaturally props up those who lack these traits.


20.08.2018 7:24:47 Zolorisar:

OlГЎ gostaria de ser teu amigo!

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